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Latest Articles

Peacomm.C Cracking the nutshell - Oct 2007

A Journey to the Center of the Rustock.B Rootkit

Gromozon.com - The strange case of Dr Rootkit and Mr Adware

Rootkits in Corporate Espionage

Holes in your programs and how they can help install Rootkits

Rootkit Related Blackhat 2006 Presentations

We have collated a list of presentations from the top researchers in the world who have made presentations at Blackhat Briefings at Las Vegas, Amsterdam and Washington in 2006. Some very interesting reading here.


A very important article on how to prevent rootkit's from taking hold of your system. Many thanks to Spanner for the info.

Beginners Articles

Rootkit's and Hooks

Dale Preston gives a straight forward explanation of Rootkit's and how they are used to hide malware from unsuspecting computer users. This is a nice and easy read for people without much knowledge of Rootkit's.

Read the whole article at dalepreston.com

Rootkit Detection and Removal

Gizmo gives a nice plain explanation of rootkit's, what they are, what they can do and how they do it. A great article for beginners to start off with.

Read the whole article at pcsupportadvisor.com

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Sony Related Articles

List of Sony CD's Containing XCP Content Protection Technology

Sony have released a list of CD's containing the XCP Content Protection Technology.
The list includes the CD Title, Artist, Item Number and UPC. Check out the list and compare it to your Sony CD collection... you may be in for a surprise.

Read the whole article at sonybmg.com

Are You Infected by Sony-BMG's Rootkit?

Sony-BMG were using copy protection called XCP on certain music CD's. Software using stealth techniques was installed when you used the CD on a PC. This article will help you determine whether your PC is infected with the rogue software installed by Sony-BMG.

Read the whole article at eff.org

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Check out the AntiRootkit Software Page for all the Latest Software that will help you Identify and Remove known Rootkit's.


Proof Of Concept Articles

SubVirt: Implementing malware with virtual machines (PDF- 204KB)

This makes for an excellent read for anyone who is in any way interested in Rootkits. This article details in depth Virtual Machine Based Rootkit ( VMBR's). The articles details how a hacker could install a Virtual Machine on your PC that boots up first. The Virtual machine would host malicious files. The Virtual Machine would also Boot Up your normal operating system so you wouldnt suspect anything was amiss.

Read the full article

NTFS Data Stream Malware Stealth Technique - Jun 2006

Streams, are a concept that exists in a NTFS file system which represents a property of a file. Within a stream, it is possible to hide information of any size, where the existence of this information is not shown in the file system. The only way to extract that information is to know the stream's name.

Read the full article

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Misc Articles

Windows rootkit's of 2005, Part 1,2 and 3

Excellent article by James Butler and Sherri Sparks which goes into a bit of detail on rootkit's and how they hook into the kernel, the various stealth methods and ways to detect rootkit's and countermeasures.

Read the whole article at securityfocus.com

Recognizing and Recovering from Rootkit Attacks

Old but still very good. This article from 1996 by David O'Brien details how Rootkit's were used as Network Sniffers on Linux machines to get usernames and passwords sent across a Network.

Read the whole article at cs.wright.edu

Holy Father on rootkit writing for fun, profit

The software developer behind a leading rootkit program says he is motivated by necessity, curiosity and a desire to expose weaknesses in the Windows operating system and security technology. He also isn't too worried about how others might use his software, according to an e-mail interview with IDG News Service.

Read the whole article at infoworld.com

Hidden Backdoors, Trojan Horses and Rootkit Tools in a Windows Environment

Some Hackers wont let you know that your site has been hacked. It serves them to stay hidden from view and continue to use the backdoor that they created for their own purpose. The use of Rootkit's by hackers is one way they can stay hidden to any network admin. This article details with examples how this is achieved.

Read the whole article at windowsecurity.com

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