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Secunia Software Inspector

The Secunia Software Inspector is a free online PC Check that tells you what software on your PC has a Security Vulnerability. A Security Vulnerability is a bug in a program whereby your PC is left open to attack from remote locations, by visiting certain web sites, via email and many other methods.

Hackers can gain control of your PC by using your software bugs to install their own remote control software and use your PC to send out Spam, host web sites, log all your passwords, bank and credit card details or attack other computers.

Read Holes in your programs and how they can help install Rootkit's for more information on how programs get bugs and how these bugs are used to install Rootkit's that can hide keyloggers and remote control software.

So to start checking your PC. Read more below and the click on the Secunia Software Inspector button.

After clicking the button you will be brought to the Secunia Web site where you will see a Start Now button.

Secunia Software Inspector Screenshot Start Now Button

Click once on Start Now and follow the instructions on the screen.

Here are a few screen shots from a scan we recently done on a fairly well updated PC....you will be surprised what can be found!

Below ( Figure 1) you will see that after a thorough scan of the hard drive it has found programs with a status of X = Bad. I ticked the option to scan the whole computer ( Enable thorough system inspection) just in case someone installed say, Adobe Reader, in a location other than the default location as prompted during the setup. This type of thorough scan can take longer than the normal scan but worth it.

Figure 1.

Secunia Software Inspector Screenshot Figure 1

As you can see there are many programs that are not up to date and are security holes waiting to be exploited.


Figure 2 shows what happens when you expand any of the items that are outdated. We can see that Adobe Reader is out of date and a potential security problem. Instructions on how to correct the problem and get updates are also available.

Figure 2.

Secunia Software Inspector Screenshot Figure 2

Keep Safe, Get Updated.


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