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Archon Scanner

Archon Scanner is a whole new design for host security which is entirely different from traditional Anti-Spyware programs that uses Pattern-Matching approach and can only detect known Spyware. Archon’s Scan Engine utilizes an unique scanning algorithm known as Spyware Behavior Analysis Technology (SBAT), against modern sophisticated Spyware tricks; it can analyze malicious behavior of Spyware. This technology has a powerful capability of detecting all kinds of advanced stealth technique performed by malicious Spyware without any signature database.
Archon Scanner achieves an excellent result in scanning and examining currently known or even those still unknown, malicious Spyware that might come up. Furthermore, Archon Scanner can compliment the weakness of general Anti-Spyware or Pattern-Matching Based HIDS to provide the best Anti-Spyware detecting solution for malicious software.

Key features of Archon Scanner:

  • Injected DLL Analysis:
    Analyze the DLL-Injection Spyware or other masqueraded PE technologies.
  • API-Hooking Analysis:
    Analyze all kind of System Global API Hooks in user mode, such as IAT, EAT, and Inline Hooking.
  • SSDT-Hooking Analysis:
    Analyze SSDT Hook of kernel mode and detect the kernel-Mode Rootkit.
  • Hidden Process Analysis:
    Analyze all kinds of hidden process.
  • Network Sniffer Analysis:
    Analyze malicious network programs, such as Sniffer or Raw-Socket Spyware.

Download Below.

Archon Scanner Frontend
Archon Scanner 2006 Frontend

More Details ( Chinese ) - English Translation from Google
Download - Version 2007 Trial Version - You need to register to download.
Download - Version 1.0 Beta - Test version for August 2006 ( This version has expired )

If you have any problems or questions about Archon Scanner you can ask for help in the Archon Scanner Forum.


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