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Gmer is a hidden services, hidden registry, hidden file scanner and also other features.

It is an excellent piece of software and has a very nice user interface which makes it very easy for non technical people to use.

Download below.

GMER can detect....

hidden processes,
hidden services,
hidden files,
hidden registry keys,
hidden drivers,
drivers hooking SSDT,
drivers hooking IDT,
drivers hooking IRP calls.

GMER also allows to monitor the following system functions:

processes creating
drivers loading
libraries loading
file functions
registry entries
TCP/IP connections.

Latest Updates include:
- English version
- Improved process monitoring
- Added Autostart tab
- Added "GMER Safe Mode"
- Added "Files" window
- Added full path of process
- Added loaded libraries
- Added hidden libraries scanning

Version 1.013 includes
- Added kernel & user IAT hooks detection
- Added AttachedDevice hooks detection
- Added detection of hooks outside code sections
- Added button "Save ..." log

We found it to be stable and a pleasure to use. Well done lads. Good job.

GMER Frontend

More Details - www.gmer.net the Official GMER site is back online again or you can choose from the sites below who have a copy of the Original site ( Mirror Site ).


http://gmer.it-mate.co.uk/gmer.htm - Gone
http://martijnc.be/tools/gmer/gmer.htm - Gone
http://www.pperry.f2s.com/mirror/gmer/gmer.htm - Gone
http://www.alexaur.com/anti-rk/ - Gone
http://fbeej.dk/gmer/gmer.htm - Gone
http://archive.mysteryfcm.co.uk/security/antirootkit/gmer/gmer.htm - Gone
http://gmer.spywarefix.org/ - Gone
http://btack.info/mirror/gmer.htm - Gone
http://gerard.melone.free.fr/gmer/gmer.htm - Gone
http://stud3.tuwien.ac.at/~e0227529/mirror/gmer/gmer.htm - Gone
http://www.unet.univie.ac.at/~a0227529/gmer/gmer.htm - Gone
http://members.chello.at/bobby100/gmer/gmer.htm- Gone

Download - Version 1.0.13 - English Version

If you have any problems or questions about GMER you can ask for help in the our Forum.


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