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Helios is an advanced malware detection system has been designed to detect, remove and innoculate against modern rootkits. What makes it different from conventional antivirus / antispyware products is that it does not rely on a database of known signatures. We believe that malware, by definition, has to perform malicious actions on your system. By observing which software performs malicious behaviour, you can better detect malware.

The key features of Helios are:

1. Can operate in background scan mode, alerting the user to anomalies in real-time.

2. Goes beyond detection to remove and de-fang rootkits.

3. Inoculation features prevent the execution of rootkits and allow granular access control over files / folders / and drivers.

4. Application integrity verification can check and restore applications that have been subverted.

Download Link below.

" We're pleased to announce a new version of Helios called Helios Lite. After listening to feedback from the community and upgrading a lot of our detection technology, we are releasing Helios Lite.

Helios Lite is a rootkit detection product based on some of the components of the Helios rootkit detection technologies. It is an implementation of the idea of Cross View Detection for the detection of persistent and non-persistent rootkits. It successfully detects a large number of user mode and kernel mode rootkits including Hacker Defender, Vanquish, Fu, FuTo, phide_ex and Unreal.A. It searches for hidden processes, hidden files as well as hidden registry keys.

Helios Lite was designed to be quick and portable, it does not require installation and can be run off a USB drive. The only prerequisites are that it is run as a system administrator. This release of Helios does not require the .Net Framework and will work on any system with Windows XP SP2 system. For using all the features, an NTFS formatted system disk is recommended. The addition of the word 'Lite' to the name does not represent a lesser set of features, this version of Helios is even more powerful than the earlier release. We've called it 'Lite' simply because it has very minimal system requirements and does not need installation."

Helios Lite Screenshot
Helios Lite Screenshot


Helios Screenshot

HELIOS Screenshot

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Download Helios-Lite
Download Helios

Helios Support
If you have any problems or questions about Helios you can ask for help from the Helios Development team in the dedicated section for Helios in the Forum.


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